Highland Classics | Lone Pipers
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Lone Pipers

The Lone Pipers
Monument to Perfection


Angus MacColl
Gordon Walker
Stuart Shedden
with special guest Pipe Major John Spoore RVM


An album containing typical examples of the various piping traditions. The selection includes favourites of royalty, martial airs, dance medleys, hornpipes, jigs as well as popular tunes top the accompaniment of other instruments. Featuring some of the finest pipers in Scotland.



Patrick King


Running Time:


48 minutes


Catalogue Number



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Track List

Queen Elizabeth March; Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday March
Leaving Barra; Stornoway Hornpipe; Major Nickersons Fancy
Colins’s Cattle; Lochanside; My Land
Molly Connell; Mac an Irish; Devil in the Kitchen; Barney’s Balm
Piper of Dunnyveig; Loch Maree
Mrs John MacColl; Shepherds Crook; Sound of Sleat
Conundrum; Taking of Beaumont Hamel
74ths Highlanders; 71st Highlanders
Battle of Waterloo; Crusaders March; Soldier’s Return
‘An Taigh Dubh’ – The Black House
Burning Mill at Messines
Nut Brown Maiden; Rowan Tree; Sarie Marais