Highland Classics | Download – Amazing Grace
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Download – Amazing Grace


“A truly stunning production …”

The evocative voice of Scotland’s Isla St Clair, a 65 piece choir from Salisbury and innovative arrangements have united to create a moving and contemporary tribute to these internationally popular songs, powerful anthems of their time.


Isla St Clair
Patrick King

Running Time
59 minutes

Catalogue Number
HCLA – C107


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  1. An anthem of the southern States of America.

  2. This hymn, usually associated with the American civil war, was in fact a popular revivalist song in North East Scotland during the late 19th centur

  3. Isla’s version of this classic and ever popular hymn.

  4. A British soldiers song originating from the wars fought by the Duke of Marlborough. The tune is familiar and was picked up during the American civil war and used as Johnny Comes Marching Home

  5. Isla and the choir sing this rousing Union song from the American civil war

  6. The world famous Irish ballad sung in traditional style.

  7. The well-loved folk song

  8. Australia’s unofficial anthem sung to the original tune

  9. Written by Isla St Clair’s mother Zetta to commemorate the loss of her two brothers in WWII. In 2000 Isla was asked to perform the song at the Royal Albert Hall in front of Queen Elizabeth II and the Dunkirk veterans

  10. The story of the Lincoln Battalion of American volunteers during the Spanish civil wa

  11. The track starts with a soldier beating a rhythm on his steel helmet. The 15th Brigade was a unit of international volunteers who fought for the Republicans during the Spanish civil war

  12. A beautiful ballad about a French woman who laments the death of her lover, a Scots soldier of fortune in the service of France

  13. Isla and the choir sing this stirring anthem in the old style

  14. Traditional melody with words by Robert Burns. This powerful arrangement of the patriotic Scots song uses old rope tension drums as well as Highland small pipes

  15. This song was written by Isla for the television production Duel in the Desert set in WWII. Ironically the song has become popular today as troops continue to fight in a desert environment.

  16. An intimate version of the powerful and evocative words by William Blake.

  17. One of the most inspiring anthems of all time. Arranged to an African beat

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