Highland Classics | Download – Looking Forward to the Past
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Download – Looking Forward to the Past


“Isla St Clair’s voice is beautifully pure”  Sunday Times

400 years of timeless and evocative love songs, an inspiring blend of the classical with the contemporary


Isla St Clair
Patrick King


Running Time
42 minutes


Catalogue Number
HCLA – C104


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  1. A timeless love song from the 1960's.

  2. Thought provoking modern classic.

  3. One of the great anthems of the 1960's.

  4. This 17th century song describes the feeling of desolation felt by a woman who knows that her true love is dead – drowned in the Lowlands of Holland

  5. Robert Burns classic.

  6. An old Gaelic song describing the anguish of a forsaken woman.

  7. One of the most popular Irish songs ever written..

  8. This beautiful 16th century ballad relates to the execution of Cockburn, a Border ‘freebooter’ and the subsequent despair suffered by his beloved wife Margery.

  9. Perfect lyrics for a love song by Robert Burns

  10. Universally acknowledged as one of the finest romantic songs of all time

  11. A classic country and western love song, sung as an ‘old ballad’

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