Highland Classics | Download – The Lady and The Piper
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Download – The Lady and The Piper


“A truly different and stunning album that gives a vocal interpretation and a piping interpretation of each well known song”

Isla St Clair
Ian Lynn
Patrick King

Running Time
60 minutes

Catalogue Number
HCLA – C103

This critically acclaimed album is a collection of songs and music about the Scottish soldier which reflect his spirit, his gallantry and his irreverent humour – this CD has something for everyone.


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  1. One of the classic love songs of all time by Robert Burns.

  2. One of the great Scots songs of WWII written by Hamish Henderson to the classic bagpipe tune ‘Farewell to the Creeks’

  3. Gordon Walker plays this classic tune on the Highland small pipes

  4. The words were written by Lady Nairne in the 19th century about two lovers parted by death and their belief they will re-unite in heaven. Leal means loyal

  5. Isla puts in an extraordinary performance with this melody of popular Scots songs

  6. Isla’s stunning interpretation of this classic lament is followed by Gordon Walker’s evocative piping. The lament was composed by one of the famous MacCrimmon’s who prophesied his own death on the battlefield in 1746.

  7. Gordon Walker gives a dazzling display on the Highland small pipes

  8. Two groups, kids and soldiers, enjoy changing and making-up verses of popular songs and tunes. Isla gives her version followed by Gordon on pipes

  9. Sir Walter Scot reputedly said of this classic Burn’s song that it encapsulates the meaning of a million love songs

  10. The marches composed by Gordon Walker

  11. Another great medley by Gordon Walker on the Highland small pipes

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“One of the most original albums in years”

The voice and the bagpipes are probably the two most powerful musical instruments in history. This collection of popular and dramatic songs and tunes is performed by two of Scotland’s finest musicians, Isla St Clair and Gordon Walker, who give a vocal