Highland Classics | Strike Sure
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Strike Sure

The Pipes and Drums of The London Scottish Regiment


“The 150 year history of this famous Regiment told through piping …”


The London Scottish is one of the most famous regiments in the Territorial Army and wear the distinctive Hodden Grey of their first Colonel, Lord Elcho. The Pipes and Drums are in constant demand around the world providing music and spectacle.



Patrick King


Running Time

48 minutes


Catalogue Number

HCLA – C108


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Track List

79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar
Atholl Highlanders (Medley)
Rowan Tree (Medley)
Battle Of The Somme (Medley)
Queen Mother’s Set (Hornpipes)
Oft In The Stilly Night (Lament)
Scotland The Brave (Medley)
Earl Of Mansfield (Set)
London’s Return (Medley)
When The Pipers Play (Medley)
Competition Marches
Men Of Argyll (Set)
Highland Small Pipes (Set)
Skye Boat Song (And Jigs)
Cock O’ The North
Lord Lovat’s Lament (Black Bear)
Highland Laddie