Highland Classics | Tunes of Glory
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Tunes of Glory

The Pipes and Drums of the London Scottish Regiment


A salute the Scottish Regiments, whose traditions and deeds are commemorated in the Tunes of Glory.


Through the years the pipers and drummers of the London Scottish have appeared in numerous films and television shows. Their most famous film was the Tunes of Glory with Alec Guinness and John Mills. The late Pipe Major DeLaspe was also cast to play Lord Lovat’s piper in The Longest Day.



Patrick King


Running Time:


37 minutes


Catalogue Number

HCLA – C109


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Track List

Cock O’ the North; Bonnie Dundee; Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Mrs Lilly Christie; Leaving Port Askaig; John D.Burgess
The Distaff; Peter McKenzie Warren; Wee Highland Laddie; Battle
Johnny Cope; Brose and Butter; Sleep Dearie Sleep
Green Hill of Tyrol; The Battle’s O’er; Lochanside
Wee Pickle Tow; The Exiles; Boys on a Thursday; O’er the Bows toWAbberville; Farewell to the Creeks; Kilworth Hills
Skye Boat Song; Scotland the Brave; Mairi’s Wedding; Barren Rock
Flowers of the Forest
Highland Laddie; Black Bear